Can selenite go in the sun?

Can selenite go in the sun?

Crystal healers have long utilized the energy of the sun to rejuvenate and purify their cherished crystals. While quartz often basks in the sunlight for a recharge, what about the delicate beauty of selenite? At, we recommend embracing the sun's energy to cleanse and recharge your selenite crystals, but with a mindful approach to avoid potential damage.

Sunlit Rejuvenation: A Recommended Practice

Upon receiving your selenite crystal, we encourage you to place it in direct sunlight. The sun's rays not only cleanse but also infuse vitality into the crystal, enhancing its natural healing properties. Allowing your selenite to bask in the sunlight for a few hours is an optimal timeframe for a full recharge. This timeless method traces its roots back to ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians and Greek mythology, where crystals were employed to dispel negative energies.

A Cautionary Note: Too Much Sun Can Cause Damage

While the sun can be a powerful ally, it's essential to exercise caution. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may lead to adverse effects on your selenite crystal. Overexposure may cause fading, increased brittleness, and a potential loss of the crystal's healing potency. Some individuals have reported subtle color changes, emphasizing the importance of balance in sunlit sessions.

If you adorn yourself with selenite jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, fret not; damage is seldom visible with indirect sunlight exposure. However, if uncertainty looms regarding prolonged exposure, simply remove the jewelry from direct sunlight to preserve its integrity.

Strategic Placement to Avoid Sun Damage

Considering the fragility of selenite, it's advisable to refrain from leaving your crystals on windowsills where direct sunlight exposure is constant. Despite its potency, selenite demands extra care during handling. Protect your cherished crystals by selecting strategic locations, ensuring they remain safe from prolonged sun exposure.

The Alchemy of Charging and Cleansing in Sunlight

Charging and cleansing your selenite crystal in the sun is not just a ritual; it's an alchemical process. Selenite possesses the unique ability to absorb both negative and positive energies. By placing it in the sun, the crystal absorbs solar energy, effectively neutralizing any trapped negativity within its core. This revitalizing practice is akin to a rejuvenating bath for your selenite, ensuring it remains a powerful conduit of positive energy.

Can Orange Selenite Brave the Sun?

Orange selenite, a variant with a captivating peach-orange hue resulting from exposure to iron oxide, shares the same cautionary notes. While it emanates a distinct beauty, extended exposure to direct sunlight may induce damage. Whether white or orange, recharge your crystals within a few hours to preserve their integrity. When not in use, store them away from direct sunlight to maintain their vibrancy.

Strategic Sunlit Sessions: Caring for Your Selenite Crystal

If you decide to charge and cleanse your selenite crystal in the sun, be intentional in your placement. Direct sunlight, rather than a windowsill, is essential for optimal results. Exercise extra caution when leaving it outside, guarding against rain exposure that may lead to selenite dissolution over time. As with any crystal, meticulous care contributes to their longevity.

Rest Assured: Safety in Sunlit Sessions

Leaving your selenite in the sun for cleansing and charging is a common and safe practice embraced by many crystal enthusiasts. However, it's crucial to bear in mind the delicate nature of selenite and the potential for damage with prolonged sun exposure. While it's generally safe, a judicious approach, such as avoiding heavy rain, ensures the longevity of your cherished crystals.

Adapting to Rainy Climates: Moonlight and Smoke Cleansing

For those residing in rainy climates like the UK, where extended sunlit sessions may be challenging, consider alternative methods. Charging and cleansing your selenite crystals under direct moonlight or using sacred smoke are effective alternatives. Embrace the versatility of these crystals, finding solutions that align with your surroundings.

In conclusion, invites you to embark on a journey of crystal care and connection. Embrace the sun's energy, but do so with an understanding of the delicate dance between light and fragility that defines the essence of selenite. As you weave your practices into the fabric of ancient wisdom, may your selenite crystals continue to radiate positivity and light on your path of spiritual growth.