Can selenite go in the sun?

Can selenite go in the sun?

Many crystal healers will recharge and cleanse their crystals in the sun, such as recharging quartz which is often left in the sun. Is it safe to leave selenite in the sun? We recommend leaving your selenite crystals in direct sunlight as soon as you receive it. Direct sunlight helps cleanse and recharge the crystal, it is perfectly safe to keep the crystal in the sun. We recommend leaving your selenite crystal in the sun for roughly a few hours to fully charge the crystal. Leaving crystals in the sun to cleanse and recharge is a method that has been used by crystal healers for thousands of years all the way back to the Egyptians and Greek mythology where they used the crystal to deter negative energy.

Too much sun can cause damage

If you leave the selenite crystal in the sun for too long it can cause damage to the crystal. It can cause the crystal to fade, become more brittle, and even lose the healing power of the crystal. Some people have also reported that the crystal can slightly change color. This is only if it has been left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. If you wear selenite jewellery such as a necklace or a bracelet no need to worry about damage to the crystal not often it will be visible to direct sunlight. If you are worried if it has been exposed for too long to direct sunlight simply take it off and keep it out of the sun.

Most things will get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight for too long, I would recommend that you do not keep your selenite not by the windowsill to avoid damage to the crystal. Even though selenite is one of the most powerful it is very fragile extra care is required while handling the crystal.

 How does charging and cleansing work in the sun?

If you have overused your selenite crystal it is good practice that you recharge and cleanse your crystal, this is often done by leaving it out in the sun. How does it work? Selenite has the power to absorb negative and positive energy. People often use the crystal to release negative energy that is trapped within their bodies, or from within other healing stones. Leaving the crystal in the sun will mean that the crystal will absorb the energy from the sun and that will destroy any negative energy that is trapped within the crystal. 

Can orange selenite go in the sun?

 Orange selenite is a slightly different variation of the white selenite crystal, the difference is that it has been exposed to iron oxide which changes the color from white to peach orange. Same as the white selenite it is also advised not to keep the crystal outside in direct sunlight for too long as it can cause damage to the crystal. You should recharge your crystals within a few hours. If you are not using your selenite crystal and it been cleansed and charged you should keep it away from direct sunlight from the window sill for example. 

Charging and cleansing in the sun

If you decide that you are going to charge and cleanse your selenite crystal in the sun. It cannot be done by the window sill you will need to leave it in direct sunlight. If you decide to leave it outside you should take extra care not to leave it in the rain as rain can cause selenite to dissolve over a long period of time. Like most crystals care is required for the longevity of your crystals.

It is safe and should not worry

Most people will leave their selenite in the sun to be cleansed and charged and it is completely ok to do so. Just a few things that you need to remember leaving the crystal in direct sunlight for a long time can cause damage to the crystal, extra caution is required if it starts to rain heavily. 

If you live in a rainy country like the UK, you can also charge and cleanse your crystal under direct moon light or with smoke.