.Raw selenite is when the crystal is at its purest and has not been crafted into other shapes, the crystal is white and transparent in colour and almost looks like glass. Raw selenite slabs were once used to make glass panel windows in the last century. Many believe that raw selenite is a very powerful crystal that offers protection and brings good luck. It is believed that the crystal has a high vibration, this vibration can draw and deflect negative energy. People will place the crystal all over their homes as it is believed that the crystal could cleanse their homes. These raw selenite crystals have a beautiful glow once exposed to natural sunlight, extra care is required while handling the crystal as it is a fragile crystal that could easily break, scratch, or shatter. Be sure to keep the crystal somewhere safe and secure.

How they are made

These raw selenite are made from the continuous evaporation of salt water it is a process that takes millions of years, and once all of the water is gone these beautiful crystals are left behind. A selenite crystal is one of the largest in the world. The crystal can be found in abundance all over the world, and it has been long used for making jewellery and sculptures. Ancient Egyptians firmly believed in the powers of the crystal. They believed that the crystal would offer protection from spirits. They would place the crystal by their front door to stop spirits from entering their homes. The crystal would also be used to cleanse their homes of negative energy. As the crystal is made of crystallized salt it has only a hardness of 2.5 Mohs which is a soft crystal. The crystal does not react well with water. Long exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve away if left for a very long time. Short durations in water will do no harm. To increase the longevity of the crystal make sure that the raw selenite crystal is stored in a dark dry place. Long exposures to the sun can cause the crystal to turn yellow and flake.

Helps with stress and anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety or stress might benefit from using this raw selenite crystal. The crystal has the ability to cleanse the mind and body of any negative energy. Meditating in the presence of a selenite crystal for 10 minutes and focusing on inhaling and exhaling can help remove negative thoughts within the mind. Those who struggle to sleep might benefit from a 10-minute meditation with the crystal before bedtime, as the crystal can help relax the mind. Some will sleep with these crystals under their pillow or under their beds as it is believed that the crystals offer protection while we are sleeping. Sleeping in the presence of the crystal can reduce the chance of getting nightmares.

This raw selenite crystal would be very beneficial for someone who practices meditation as the crystal is used to connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. A raw orange or peach selenite can help us connect to the sacral chakra. Those who seek to connect to the crown chakra will connect to the other realms where they might find their guardian angels and the lord divine. Connecting to the crown chakra can be an overwhelming experience and it can help us have a deeper spiritual connection to the natural world, some will experience a spiritual awakening. Those who connect to the third eye chakra will find their creative and imaginative energy, while some believe that connecting to the third eye chakra will help with psychic abilities. Connecting to the sacral chakra is where you will find your sexual energy. These raw selenite crystals can be used with other healing crystals to connect to other healing chakras in the body, for example, a rose quartz can be used in combo with a selenite crystal to connect to the heart chakra. Selenite has the ability to enhance the powers of other healing crystals.

Someone who collects healing crystals could also benefit from having this crystal as it has the ability to increase the flow of energy between different crystals. Overusing healing crystal can cause the crystal to lose its powers or negative energy might get trapped within. Using raw selenite can help cleanse and charge your healing crystals. Many crystal healers will display their beautiful healing crystals on a raw selenite and it would make a stunning ornamental feature in any home.