What is a selenite charging plate?

A selenite charging plate is a slab of selenite crafted by hand into the shape of a plate, however, they are not meant to be used as plates you can eat food from. They are meant to display other healing stones and charge them at the same time, be sure you don’t place these plates in the dishwasher as they will dissolve away. When using these plates you will need to be aware that the plate is very fragile and can be easily scratched. Be sure to keep them in a safe secure place. It is believed that ancient Greeks made these plates as a decorative ornament around their home, it would also protect them from unwanted spirits.

If you have a shrine of crystal healing stones in your home, this plate would take this shrine to the next level. These beautiful plates glow almost like the moon when natural light hits the crystal plate. Different healing stones have different healing properties, if the stone is used too often energy can become trapped within the stone and becomes less powerful. A selenite charging plate would aid in releasing trapped energy from inside the stone. Not only they are powerful crystals to have in your home, but they also add character to any room. They can help you find peace from within, most mediators will use a selenite charging plate to help them be more relaxed, connect you to the spirit world, and be more focused.

Having these plates in your home can help protect you from negative energy, even though the material is very fragile. It has a very high vibration which can help create a protective barrier inside someone’s home, it is advised to keep the plates somewhere you spend most of your time such as in the living room or in the bedroom.

If you are struggling to fall asleep or waking up in the middle of the night, it could be you have trapped negative energy. Our selenite charging plate will provide a sense of protection in your home, it can absorb negative energy away.

Use them as a Jewellery display

If you own jewellery made from healing stones what perfect way to display your jewellery on our selenite charging plate. It will charge and cleanse all of your healing jewellery crystals.

Health benefits of having a selenite charging plate in your home

Having these crystal plates in your home can keep bad energy at bay, it is known that in any major event in your life, these crystals can help with the flow of positive outcomes. Having these plates can improve the sexual drive of a woman as it is connected to Venus.

Many people who meditate will use this selenite charging plate while they meditate as it can help them connect with the spirit world. The presence of this gypsum crystal will provide a sense of relaxation and calmness. The powerful vibration from this selenite charging plate activates the crown chakra. It is the perfect gypsum crystal for meditating, spiritual growth, and crystal healing practices.

Selenite can help with insomnia and night tremors, having these plates by your bedside can stop negative energy that disturbs you in the middle of the night. The high vibration from the crystal provides a protective aura.

If you are going through a stressful time in your life and you need to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit, having this charging plate in your home is a must. This plate can also amplify other healing stones and its vibration can make other stones more powerful.

The high vibration from the crystal can aid in the recovery from injuries, especially the back, it is known that the crystal can align the spine. A crystal healer will often use these crystals to help with the recovery of certain injuries.

How to look after them

Whatever you do, do not clean your plate with water as the selenite plate is soluble. We would recommend that you clean your plate with a dry cloth and some polish. These crystals are very fragile and soft please bear this in mind while placing other healing stones on the plate as they can easily cause damage to the plate.

Please note that crystal can easily be scratched as the material is so soft be sure to keep it in a safe secure location.