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This crystal selenite dish is medium in size and roughly about 12 cm in diameter however this might vary as each one is handcrafted and one of a kind. It is white in colour and is made of pure selenite. When exposed to natural sunlight it will glow like the moon. Ancient Greeks believed that selenite offers protection from unwanted spirits, they made jewelry and ornament from this crystal. It is made of very soft material, extra caution is required when handled. The greeks named selenite after their goddess of moon sele, they believed the crystal provided protection around their aurora.

This crystal selenite dish is the perfect way for displaying your healing crystals. It would make an interesting ornamental feature in your home. Crystal healers use these sorts of plates to charge their healing crystals. They simply place their stones on this crystal selenite dish to cleanse and charge their overused healing stones. 

 If there has been a huge argument in your home sometimes you can still feel negative energy hours or days later. Selenite is like a sponge for absorbing negative energy. Use this crystal selenite dish in the rooms you spend most of your time to provide a clean and relaxing environment.  You will always feel an extra level of protection in the presence of selenite. For anyone that feels anxious in their home, this selenite dish would make the perfect gift for them. Many people use these crystals as their lucky charm.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 12cm 
Material Pure selenite


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