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This medium-sized crystal selenite dish, approximately 12 cm in diameter (dimensions may vary due to handcrafting), boasts a pure white color and is crafted from genuine selenite. Its ethereal glow, akin to the moon, becomes apparent when exposed to natural sunlight. In ancient Greek beliefs, selenite was revered for providing protection against unwanted spirits, inspiring the creation of jewelry and ornaments. Given its soft material, handle this crystal with extra caution.

Ideal for displaying healing crystals, this selenite dish serves as an intriguing ornamental feature in any home. Crystal healers use such plates to charge their healing crystals, placing stones on the dish to cleanse and recharge them. In instances of lingering negative energy following a significant argument, selenite acts as a sponge, absorbing and purifying the environment. Utilize this crystal selenite dish in your frequently occupied rooms to create a clean and relaxing ambiance, fostering an additional layer of protection. For those experiencing anxiety at home, this selenite dish makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift, often cherished as a lucky charm.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 12cm 
Material Pure selenite

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