What is a selenite lamp?

A selenite lamp is made from pure selenite crystals and has a white transparent colour to it and a shimmering shine that glows up the room. As the crystal is transparent light can travel through it which provides soft ambient lighting into your living space, these lamps will provide character to any room, they truly look beautiful.

Sometimes these crystals will be required to be charged if it been used often and most people will keep them out in the sun or with nature, but the electrical lighting from inside the lamp will always keep your crystals fully charged to give you protection from bad energy.

Each selenite lamp is a one of a kind and is made completely naturally from the evaporation of salt millions of years ago. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

We recommend that you keep these lamps where you spend the most time in your home, such as in the living room or by your bedside. These selenite lamps also make a wonderful night light as they are not too bright and provide a soft ambient glow to your home.

What are the health benefits of using selenite lamps in your home?

Energy flows freely through our planet everyone wants to be surrounded by positive energy, no one wants to be in the presence of negative energy it can make us feel down and have a negative impact on our lives. Sometimes negative energy can get trapped in objects, in our home, within ourselves, or within an animal.

A selenite lamp reduces the chance of negative energy from getting trapped, if you have been suffering from a stressful situation or dealing with negative people this negative energy can get trapped.

These lamps will bring a sense of calmness into any home, the light shines softly through the crystal and would make a wonderful nightlight. Anyone struggling with anxiety or mental health would benefit from having these lamps. Many people will have these selenite lamps on their office desks as it helps them be more focused and relaxed.

Charging other crystals

There are plenty of other types of crystals that can promote healing and well-being, however, over time these crystals need to be cleansed from their bad energy, the selenite lamp is the perfect way of cleansing out crystals. You simply switch on your lamp and place your stones and crystals around the lamp. You will need to wait roughly around 24 hours for the stones to be cleansed, if you use this method with a much larger stone you will need to wait around 72 hours for the stone to be completely cleansed.

Helping you sleep better

If you struggling with sleeping or having regular nightmares it can have a severe impact on your quality of life, it could be the fact that you might have trapped energy inside your home or within yourself. If you place these lamps by your bedside they can help protect your aura, release bad energy, and protect you from unwanted spirits.

How do you clean your selenite lamp and look after it?

You need to remember not to clean your lamp with water as it can dissolve your lamp, be sure to use a dry cloth if you do decide to clean your lamp and use some polish. Even though this crystal is a very powerful crystal it is very soft, so soft you can scratch it with your fingernail. When you are placing your selenite lamp be sure to keep it in a safe place.

Makes a wonderful ornamental feature in any home

Not only do these lamps help clean your home from negative energy they look stunning when they are lit up, they make a wonderful ornamental feature even when they are not lit up. If you have these in your living room it can create a relaxing atmosphere as the soft glow emits through the crystal in the background.

How are they made?

Our selenite lamps are made from selenite towers, the inside of the tower is hollowed out so a lighting fixture can be fitted inside. A 15 W cable is placed inside the selenite tower with an LED bulb. The results are truly amazing it looks like a beautiful glowing crystal something out of a fairy tale book. On the bottom of the lamp, small plastic studs are placed to provide stability and strength to the lamp.