Why purchase a selenite candle holder?


These selenite candle holders do truly look beautiful they would add character to any home, once lit these candles will look like glowing orb crystals. Each one is handmade and will truly be one of a kind. They are made from trimmed down selenite sticks, the inside is hollowed out so a tea light can be fitted inside. Each one is handmade in Morocco. If you decide to purchase these candles be sure to charge them in sunlight, they have traveled far to your home and passed through many hands.


These candleholders also look stunning when they are not lit, they would make a beautiful ornamental feature in any home. When natural light travels through the candle holders they have a beautiful glow to them. If you are looking for extra protection in your home having this selenite candle can keep negative energy at bay.


These crystals are believed to be very powerful healing crystal, it is used to bring peace and calmness, mental strength, and improve well-being. Selenite is a type of gypsum that was created millions of years ago from saltwater, selenite is soluble so try and keep it away from water especially if you are leaving it outside to be charged by the sun.


Where should you place these selenite candles?


Do not keep these candles in the bathroom as it is made of gypsum crystal they might dissolve away. We recommend keeping these candles in the room you spent most of your time such as your bedroom or the living room. If you decide to keep these candles keep them in your bedroom they can help with falling asleep and gives you protection during nigh time.


If you decide to keep them in the living room be sure to keep them in a safe place as this selenite is fragile and can easily get damaged. We would recommend keeping them on a mantlepiece and they would be at the center of attention of any living room. They can provide a sense of calmness into your living space.


If you are a crystal collector you can have these candles with your other healing crystals, these selenite candle holders will help charge and cleanse your other stones. It might also be a good idea to keep these salt candles by the front door, as they can protect you from bad energy coming into your home.


How to charge your selenite candle holders?


If your selenite candles have been exposed to too much negative energy they might be required to be charged, you should also charge your gypsum crystal as soon as it arrives through the post,  it has probably been in the darkness for a long time and has not been exposed to much sunlight.


You can charge your candles in a bowl of salt, simply place your candles in a bowl of salt for 24 hours and your crystal should be fully charged. You can do the same by using brown rice instead of salt.


The easiest way is to place it on your window sill and the natural sunlight will charge up your selenite candles. You can also charge your candles with sage, you can make a small smudge stick with a bundle of sage. Simply light the selenite candle and place the sage smudge stick on the open flame, the smoke from the burning sage should cleanse and charge your candles.


As this stoned refers to the moon, you can also charge these candles under the moonlight, they also have a unique beautiful glow when the moonlight hits these selenite candles. Under the moonlight is only required o be charged for a few hours.


How to use selenite candles to charge other stones


Selenite is one of the most powerful healing stones anyone can ask for, all types of healing crystals will be required to be cleansed if they have been used too often. Negative energy can also get trapped within the stone itself a selenite candle can purify the stone and recharge its energy.


You can place your crystals in a circle around the candle and the selenite candle holder will charge your stones. You light up the candle and place some sage on the candle itself, your healing stones should be fully charged within a few hours.