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These selenite wand sticks have been thinned into a long selenite incense holder, they look like a very impressive incense holder. Each one is handmade, there is a small hole inserted into the long selenite crystal this is where the incense stick will be placed. These would make the perfect gift for anyone that loves to use incense sticks in their home. 

This selenite incense holder looks stunning as an ornamental feature in any home, the crystal glows like the moon when exposed to natural sunlight. People that suffer from anxiety might benefit from having these incense holders in their home as selenite often brings a sense of peace and calmness, and the aromatherapy brings relaxing vibes.

Many crystal healers will often use selenite during their practices as they believe that the use of selenite can help release trapped energy. If you have had an argument in the house negative energy can linger on for days, having selenite in your home helps get rid of negative energy. If you decide to clean your selenite incense holder be sure to clean it with some polish and dry cloth. Selenite is soluble which means that the crystal dissolves if exposed to water.

Using selenite too often can cause it to lose its powers, you can recharge the crystal by leaving it in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. You can also charge the crystal by burning white sage and pass the crystal through the smoke.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 20cm 
Material Pure selenite

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