What is a selenite tower?

A selenite tower is a must-have for any natural healing crystal collector, the crystal glows like the moon. The Greeks named it Sele after the name goddess of the moon. The tower is a thin long crystal that stands upright and is used to clear bad energy. These towers or skyscrapers are very powerful tools that clean and provide protection from bad energy. Most of the time these selenite towers will be placed upright on a shelf or in a corner of the room depending on the size of the crystal. These selenite towers are similar to selenite lamps without the electrical lighting fixtures placed inside.

Having these selenite towers in your home will make you feel a sense of calmness and protection as this is a very powerful crystal with a very high vibration. When the sun hits these crystal towers they have a magical shine to them almost like a glowing moon.

Most of the time people will have this selenite crystal tower in their meditation room and often with other healing crystals placed in a circle around the selenite tower. The reason for this is that selenite charges and cleanses other healing stones, with these beautiful glowing selenite towers and these beautiful crystals surrounding the tower it looks like a magical healing shrine that will be the centre of attention of any room.

Selenite tower health benefits

Many crystal healers believe that these towers can help someone heal on a cellular level, and spiritually. This type of crystal is considered the most powerful crystal out of all of them as it can charge itself and cleanse other healing crystals. A selenite tower is often used to help skeletal issues such as problems with the spine, these towers can be used to align the back.

When a crystal healer uses these towers to heal a person they can be used for many reasons, the most common use is to release trapped energy, this could be anywhere in the body. These crystal towers can also be used to help heal someone with injuries anywhere in the body, simply place the selenite tower 5 inches away from the body for 5 min, this can be done daily until you start to feel better.

As these towers are high in frequency vibration they can help boost your immune system all you need to do is place this selenite tower in a room where you spend the most time such as the bedroom or in your living room. You will start to get a better quality of life.

Many people who practice yoga or meditation will use these selenite towers to help them be more relaxed and focused. They can also help someone be more flexible and help with their yoga sessions.

These towers often bring protection from bad energy and a sense of peace and calmness into someone's home. If you do practice connecting with spirits using these crystals will help connect with them.


They look stunning in any home

If you decide to purchase these selenite towers from us they are going to look stunning in any home, if you place them on a shelf or on the mantlepiece they will make a stunning ornament feature, when the light hits the stone they will light up almost like a lamp. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used these selenite towers in their home for decorative features and to protect themselves from bad energy.

These towers were made naturally millions of years ago, having these crystals in your home will help you connect more with nature. Up to the 15th-century windows were made of selenite.

How to charge your selenite towers?

There are a few ways to charge your tower simply place it by the windows for a few hours for the tower to absorb energy from the sunlight. Be sure not to leave it outside as the rain can cause damage to the crystal.

In the UK we might not have enough sunlight during winter days to fully charge our crystal towers, another good way to charge your tower is to simply place it in a bowl of salt. The tower will absorb the energy from the salt and this takes a few hours to be fully charged.

This might sound strange but you can also charge your tower by placing brown rice around the selenite tower, the high frequency from the stone will absorb energy from the rice.