Orange selenite tower

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This small orange selenite tower has been shaped into the shape of an obelisk. The surface of the crystal has been perfectly polished to give it a smooth glossy finish. Each one is handmade and looks stunning, these towers would make a stunning ornamental feature in any home. These orange selenite tower is perfect for cleansing your home of any negative energy, selenite has the ability to absorb negative energy. Once this crystal is exposed to natural sunlight it will have a beautiful soft gentle glow. This orange selenite tower is perfect for a crystal healer, over using healing crystals can cause negative energy to get trapped within. Selenite has the ability to cleanse and charge your healing crystals. negative energy can also get trapped within selenite, once you have received your orange selenite tower you should cleanse and charge your crystal under direct sunlight or moonlight.

This orange selenite tower would be perfect for a crystal healer, selenite is often used for cleansing negative energy. A crystal healer could use this tower to remove negative energy from the body and help unblock your chakras.

It is also the perfect crystal for meditating, holding the crystal while meditating can help relax the mind. An orange selenite can also help us to 3 chakras, the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, and the sacral chakra.



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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 6 cm in height
Material Pure selenite

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