What is a selenite tumbled stone?


Selenite Tumbled stones are small pieces of selenite rounded and polished, this can be achieved by placing the rough selenite crystals into a rock tumbler. This tumbler spins the stones around with water. The edges of the selenite crystal are rounded off into beautiful smoothed polished selenite tumble stones.


Tumbling rough selenite into these beautiful smooth crystals does not take its energy away from them.


Why would want a selenite tumble stone?


  • These rounded tumbled stones make a beautiful necklace.
  • Wand sticks and other selenite crystals might be too big to carry around with you, why not use a selenite tumble stone which is small and lightweight. Especially if you are taking them to a yoga session.
  • People can also use these crystals as a decorative feature in someone's home.
  • You can use them to decorate a wedding table.
  • They can help you be more focused at work why not keep these on your office desk.
  • They can also be used for arts and crafts.
  • They can be used as a healing stone, they can also charge other gemstones.


These selenite tumble-stones look beautiful in any home, the word selenite is named after the goddess of the moon in ancient Greek times. When the sun hits these beautiful crystals they have a natural glow to them, they almost look like the moon itself.


The small selenite tumbled stone has a very high frequency one of it highest out of all of the crystals. Crystal healers will often use these stones to help connect with the spirit world.


Selenite tumbles with sleeping during night time


These tumbled stones can help you with sleep during nighttime, if you place the crystal underneath your pillow or by your bedside it will create a protective shield around you and stop negative energy from disturbing your sleep.


If you have nightmares or night tremors it could be that other spirits could be trying to disturb you when you are at your most vulnerable. This selenite tumbles-tone can reduce nightmares and prevent spirits from entering your room during nighttime.


Selenite tumble stones and tarot cards


Before you use a pack of tarot cards it is important that the deck of cards is cleansed properly. You should cleanse your deck of cards if they are new or you just used them. Using tarot cards in the presence of a selenite tumbled stone can provide more accurate readings. The high vibration can make it much easier to connect to the spirit world.


To cleanse your tarot cards you simply place your selenite tumbled stone at the top of the deck of cards for a few hours, this should release any trapped energy that might be left inside.


How to charge your selenite tumbled stones


You can use a Tibetan singing bowl to charge your tumble stone crystal. The vibration from the stone is very powerful and can charge the tumble stone with its high vibration.


You can also charge these stones by placing them underground in a pot of compost or in the ground itself, the crystal will absorb power from the earth. Be sure that the soil is fairly dry as too much water can cause damage to the crystal.


Selenite is known as the moon crystal, the purest way to charge your crystal is under the moonlight or even under the stars. Charging these tumble stones under the moonlight does look spectacular. They light up from the moonlight they have a magical glow to them.


Looking after your selenite tumbled stones


These tumbled stones will require some care, they are very soft crystals and they can easily break. We would recommend keeping them in a silk cloth bag to avoid damage you can actually scratch these crystals with your fingernails. When using them with other healing stones just be aware they are made of soft material and should take extra care when handling them.


For whatever reason you might find that you need to clean your tumble stones do not clean them with water as the crystal is soluble. We recommend using a dry cloth and polish to clean your stones.


If you are turning these selenite tumbled stones into jewelry be sure to take them off if you are doing an activity as the sweat can cause damage to the crystal.