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These polished selenite tumbled look beautiful as each one of these selenite crystals has been tumbled to give the crystal a rounded smooth polished finish to the crystal. This listing is for three polished selenite tumbled, the crystal is white and transparent in colour. Many people will carry these crystals around in their pockets as it is believed that the crystal brings good luck and protection. these crystals would be the perfect gift for a loved one. Once these crystals are exposed to natural sunlight they will have a beautiful glow to the crystal. Some will sleep with these polished selenite tumbled under their pillow or under the bed as they believe that the crystal can help with removing negative energy from the bedroom and offer protection while sleeping.

These polished selenite tumbled are very comfortable to hold, and not too heavy making them the perfect crystal for meditating for long durations. A selenite crystal is often used with other meditation crystals for its ability to enhance the powers of other healing crystals. For example, a rose quartz crystal can be used in combo with selenite, using both crystals together increases the likelihood of both crystals to connect to the heart chakra.

A polished selenite tumbled is a must-have for a crystal collector, selenite helps the flow of energy between different crystals. It also has the ability to charge and cleanse other healing stones, by simply leaving the crystal next to a selenite crystal for 24 hours.


We make sure that all of our packages are well packed to make sure that the crystal arrives undamaged. Courier takes roughly 3 working days to deliver, and we require 1 working day to dispatch.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 3cm
Material Pure selenite

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