What is a selenite wand?


Selenite wands are the most common form of selenite crystal, If you ever have the chance to see a selenite formation deep underground in huge caverns they look spectacular.


The selenite pillars are usually mined in places like Morocco and then cut into smaller pieces to make selenite wands, so what do people use them for?


Crystal healers will often use these wands to try and release trapped energy from inside a person, an object, or a house.


How to use a selenite wand


If you are trying to release negative or trapped energy from a person simply place the selenite wand at the top of a person's forehead about 5 inches away, if you bring the crystal down the body slowly, you need to visualize and focus on removing the bad energy away. You always start from the head if you are struggling with mental health issues, but what about trapped energy in other parts of the body?


If you have an ankle injury for example that you have been suffering for a long time and there is soreness in the leg, simply place the selenite wand where you feel the pain and leave it there for about 40 min. A selenite wand is often used with crystal quartz to help release bad energy away. 


You can also use a selenite wand to be more connected to the earth itself, you can use the wand to absorb the energy from the ground and shift your energy through the wand back into the ground, all you need to do is have the wand under your feet, you will instantly feel more connected to the earth and you will feel a sense of peace and clarity.


How to Charge a selenite wand


If you decide to purchase a selenite wand one of the first things that you need to do is to charge it, and there are a few methods you can achieve this. The easiest way is to leave it out for a few hours in the sunlight on a windowsill to be fully charged. Do not leave the wand out in the rain as water and selenite do not go well together.


You can also charge your wand under the moonlight this is a more useful solution if you practice rituals during the night time. You might not be able to fully charge it but you will be able to partially charge the wand.


Leaving your selenite wand with nature can also help with charging, you can simply leave it in woodland or by a river and the crystal will absorb the energy from its surroundings.


What are the health benefits of using a selenite wand?


A selenite wand can be used to absorb bad energy from any environment as well creating a positive barrier around you to protect you from evil spirits. Here is a list of some of the health benefits of using a selenite wand.


  • You can place a selenite wand under your pillow and it will help you sleep better. And stop you from getting nightmares.
  • If you leave your wand by the front door it can protect you from unwanted bad energy and evil spirits, when you walk into the house simply wave it around.
  • If you had a busy day at work and feeling exhausted place the wand on top of your forehead it will give you an extra boost of energy.
  • These wands can help with staying focused while working just make sure you keep them wand on your desk.
  • You can use selenite wands to remove bad energy from your body.
  • These wands can cleanse and charge other crystals.
  • It can expand awareness and connect you to the natural world.
  • Allows you to open you up to the higher chakras.
  • It can provide a protective shield to your aura.
  • A selenite wand can help with spiritual experiences.


A selenite wand care


Even though the crystal is very powerful, it is also is very fragile. You can even cause damage even with a fingernail. We would recommend keeping your selenite crystal in a soft cloth bag to avoid damage when not in use. Do not use water to clean the wand use polish and dry cloth. Water can cause selenite to dissolve.