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Each of these chakra selenite wand looks stunning, a copper wire has been used to tie down the healing crystals to the selenite. This selenite chakra wand is essentially made from a cut-down selenite stick with attached healing crystals to it. As each of these chakra selenite wands is handmade it might not look exactly the same as in the photo. This wand would be the perfect gift for someone who practices meditation or collects healing crystals. The chakra wand is often used to help absorb negative energy. Meditating while holding the crystal will help clear the mind of any negative thoughts. The crystal can also encourage the flow of energy between other crystals, selenite is often used in combo with other healing crystals as the crystal can enhance the powers of other healing stones.

Some people will sleep with this chakra selenite wand under their pillow or under their bed as it is believed that the crystal offers protection while you are sleeping. It will help reduce the chance of getting nightmares and encourage a good night's sleep. People who struggle sleeping during night time might benefit from this crystal, a simple 10 minutes holding the crystal before going to bed will remove any negative thoughts that might exist within.

Be sure to leave your crystal somewhere safe and secure as the crystal is very fragile and can easily break. We put in the extra effort to make sure that all of our selenite products as well packed to make sure they arrive safely at their destinations.



We offer fast shipping on all orders, we make sure that each parcel is well-packed to avoid damage to the selenite crystal. We require 1 working day for dispatch and the courier usually takes 3 working days to deliver.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm 
Material Pure selenite

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