Magical selenite sphere 

These magical selenite sphere looks magical under natural sunlight they look like the moon itself after all selenite is named after the goddess of moon sele. We have these spheres in various sizes and they come in white cloudy colour and orange colour. Each one is handmade in Morocco, it might be a good idea to fully cleanse your crystal under natural sunlight. As these selenite sphere has traveled far to reach where you are, they could have picked negative energy along the way. Most people will charge their crystal under natural lights however you can also charge the crystal under moonlight and in a bowl of salt. Some of our spheres come with a stand while others do not, you can keep the ones that do not come with a stand in a silk cloth bag to give them some extra protection. Each of these selenite spheres is polished to give it a glowing silky finish, it almost slides when holding it in your hand. 

This magical selenite sphere is often used to cleanse and clear negative energy from any environment. People will often have these by their bedside as it is believed that it helps a person to be more relaxed and fall asleep easier. People that suffer from anxiety might benefit from having these in their bedroom as selenite is often associated with peace and calmness. It is also believed that people that struggle from night tremors might be due to unwanted spirit affecting the most vulnerable time of the day, having these by your bedside deters any unwanted negative energy that might be affecting your sleep.

While practicing your meditation a person can hold this selenite sphere in their hand as it helps a person connect to their crown chakra. Connecting to the crown chakra can be very beneficial if you are trying to connect to the spirit world. while our orange sphere is used to connect to the sacral chakra.

It is very important that you do not leave these crystals out in the rain or clean it with cold water as selenite is soluble and water can cause damage to the crystal or even cause it to dissolve away. The crystal is very fragile and very soft be sure to keep it somewhere safe and secure, if you decide to clean it this can be done with a dry cloth and some polish.

A crystal healer will often have these spheres of selenite in the middle of their shrine with other healing crystals perfectly placed around the sphere. The reason for this is that selenite is often used to cleanse and charge other healing stones. Overusing healing stones negative energy can get trapped within them. Having these shrines in your home will add peace and calmness to any environment.

Not only these crystals can be used for protection, many people believe they would make a stunning ornamental feature in any home. Having these selenite spheres on the mantlepiece would be the center of attention in any home. Be sure to keep these visible to natural sunlight to constantly keep the crystal cleansed and fully charged.