Orange selenite sphere with stand

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This orange selenite sphere looks stunning. The listing is for 1 orange selenite sphere with a stand. The style of the stand for the orange selenite sphere may vary. These spheres look like magic crystal balls. This crystal is very sought after in the crystal healing world as it can help absorb negative energy. Selenite is often used with other healing crystals as it helps charge and cleanse other crystals. Not only does this orange selenite sphere act as a purifier for negative energy it would also make a stunning ornamental feature in any home. Some will place this crystal in their homes as it helps clear negative energy, this is an old tradition that goes back all the way to the Egyptian period.

Some believe that this is the perfect crystal for reducing anxiety and stress levels as it helps draw any negative energy that might exist within. The perfect way to do this is to simply hold the crystal in your hand while meditating. If you struggle to sleep due to stress or anxiety, meditating with this crystal in your hand before bedtime might be the perfect solution.

This orange selenite sphere with a stand would make the perfect gift for someone who collects healing crystals. Selenite crystals can help with the flow of energy between different crystals.


Selenite is a fragile crystal to post, we make sure that each parcel is well packed to avoid the crystal from getting damaged. Courier takes up to 3 working days to deliver. We require one working day to get your parcel ready for shipping.

 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 4.5 cm
Material Pure selenite

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