A selenite palm stone is an important crystal for meditating. It can clean the mind, body, and soul of negative energy. The crystal is white and transparent in colour. We have a stunning range of beautiful selenite crystals, each one is handmade to perfection. The surface of the crystal is smoothened and beautifully polished making it a very comfortable crystal to hold. The crystals are not too heavy making them perfect for meditating for long durations.

A white selenite palm stone is often used during a meditation session as it can help connect to the crown chakra. People who seek to connect to the crown chakra will meditate while holding the crystal in the palm of their hands. Try and find somewhere you feel safe and comfortable with no distractions. Meditate while sitting on a pillow to add extra comfort while holding the crystal. Inhale and exhale until the mind is completely relaxed. Once the mind is relaxed try concentrating on inhaling the energy from the crystal into the lungs. Once the energy of the selenite is in the lungs concentrate pushing the energy up through your body towards the top of the head where the crown chakra is located. You can combine the crystal with other healing stones such as an amethyst crystal to increase the likelihood of connecting to the crown chakra. Combining the crystal with other healing stones is a good idea as the crystal has the ability to enhance the powers of other healing crystals

It is not always possible to connect to the crown chakra, make sure that your crystal is cleansed and charged before use. Simply leave the crystal in direct sunlight to cleanse and charge your selenite palm stone, you can also charge and cleanse your crystal under direct moonlight. Some of those who connect to their crown chakra will get a spiritual awakening while others will connect with their guardian angels and the lord divine. People will feel a deeper connection to the natural world and a better understanding of the universe.


Looking after your selenite palm stone


Looking after your selenite palm stone is important to increase the longevity of the crystal. Long exposure such as months in natural sunlight can cause the crystals to turn yellow and start to crack, try and avoid leaving them by the window or in direct sunlight for long durations. The crystal is very soft and could easily break because of its soft physical properties as the crystal is made from crystalized salt. Which means it could easily get damaged or scratched. Keep your selenite palm stone somewhere safe and secure to avoid damage. The crystal also does not react well with water, long exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve away. To increase the longevity of the crystal try storing your selenite palm stone in a silk cloth bag, and store the crystal somewhere dry and secure.


Cleansing negative energy with selenite palm stone


A selenite palm stone is often used to absorb negative energy, this could be from our home or from within our mind or body. Our chakras sometimes get blocked, a selenite crystal is often used to help unblock our chakras, by simply placing the crystal on the location of the chakra and meditating. Some will place these crystals under their beds in the hope of pushing out negative energy from their body.

People who have high stress or anxiety levels might benefit from having this selenite palm stone as it has the ability to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts. It is the perfect crystal to use before bedtime, simply meditate while holding the crystal for 10 minutes. Once the mind is clear of negative thoughts you will find yourself able to fall asleep much easier.

Ancient people used to use the crystal to cleanse negative energy from their homes they would place the crystal in each room to absorb negative energy. They also kept the crystal by the front door to stop spirits from entering their homes.

Overusing healing stones can cause them to lose their powers, negative energy can get trapped within and the crystals become powerless. You can cleanse and charge your crystals by simply leaving the crystals close to your selenite palm stone. Wait around 24 hours for all of your healing crystals to be fully charged and cleansed.