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This selenite heart crystal looks stunning as each one is handmade, once the crystal is exposed to natural sunlight it will have a beautiful soft gentle glow. This crystal is the perfect crystal for someone who collects healing crystal, selenite has the ability to charge and cleanse other healing stones. It is believed that the crystal has a high vibration that can absorb or deflect negative energy. It is the perfect crystal if you just came out of a toxic relationship. People will place these heart selenite all over their homes as it is believed that the crystal can help cleanse their home of negative energy. This is a tradition that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt where they used to use the crystal to cleanse their homes of negative energy. They would place the crystal by their front door as they believed that the crystal would stop spirits from entering their home.

This listing is for one heart selenite, it is white and transparent in colour. Extra care is required while handling the crystal as it is a fragile and soft crystal. We make sure that we properly pack all of our products to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination. These heart selenite crystals would make a beautiful ornamental feature in any home. The crystal can be found in abundance all over the world and has been crafted into beautiful jewellery and sculptures.


Selenite is a fragile crystal to post, we make sure that all of our packages are well packed to make sure that each selenite palm stone arrives safely. Courier usually delivers within 3 working days and we need 1 working day for dispatch.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 7cm
Material Pure selenite

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