Oval shape selenite palm stone

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Elevate your meditation with our Oval-Shaped Selenite Palm Stones, meticulously crafted to cleanse the mind and body of negative energy. Ideal for pre-yoga sessions, these handmade crystals in white or transparent hues embody serenity. As each piece is unique, expect variations from the photo, adding a personal touch to your collection.

Key Features:

  • Handmade Serenity: Crafted for meditation, these oval-shaped selenite palm stones are handmade, each possessing a unique charm that contributes to its individuality.

  • Mind and Body Relaxation: Experience relaxation before yoga as these crystals have the exceptional ability to soothe both the mind and body.

  • Crystal Healer's Essential: A must-have for crystal healers, these stones cleanse and charge other healing crystals. Combat the loss of power by placing your crystals next to selenite for 24 hours.

Handling and Care:

  • Fragile Beauty: Being a fragile crystal, handle with care to avoid damage. Store your oval-shaped selenite palm stone in a secure place, protecting its delicate form.

  • Avoid Water Exposure: Prolonged exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve. Exercise caution to preserve its longevity.

Cleansing Rituals:

  • Sun or Moonlight Charging: To fully unlock the benefits, cleanse and charge your oval-shaped selenite palm stone under the gentle glow of sunlight or moonlight.

Meaningful Gift:

  • Protection Crystal: Considered a protection crystal, this oval-shaped selenite palm stone is a thoughtful gift for someone special. Many carry it for good luck, adding a touch of positivity to their daily lives.

Indulge in the beauty and energy of our Oval-Shaped Selenite Palm Stones – a harmonious blend of handmade elegance and spiritual significance.


  • Fragility Assurance: Selenite, known for its delicate nature, is handled with the utmost care during packaging to ensure its secure transit.

  • Swift Dispatch: Your satisfaction is our priority. Expect your order to be dispatched within just one working day, ensuring a prompt start to its journey.

  • Efficient Courier Delivery: Teaming up with reliable couriers, we guarantee a seamless and efficient delivery experience. Anticipate receiving your Selenite palm stone within a mere three working days.

Experience peace of mind with our meticulous packaging, swift dispatch, and efficient delivery – ensuring your delicate Selenite palm stone arrives securely and on time.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4cm
Material Pure selenite

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