What is a peach Orange selenite?


A peach-orange selenite is very similar to the clear transparent selenite, the only difference is when the gypsum crystal was formed millions of years ago iron minerals got trapped inside the crystal, the crystal is not dyed orange. They are usually formed in a long shard of crystal and they truly look stunning. The crystals were formed millions of years ago from evaporating salt, these long shards of crystals are mined deep underground in areas in Morocco.


When the light hits the crystal it will give a beautiful orange ambient glow, this type of crystal has a very high vibration, many people will feel a protective feeling in the presence of an orange peach selenite. These beautiful crystals also can be used to charge other healing stones, you simply place the healing stones around the preach selenite for 24 hours.


As a crystal healer, an orange selenite has different uses for its clear-colored crystal. These peach crystals will connect you to your inner sacral and solar plexus chakra. This beautiful crystal can increase a sense of strength during difficult times and help you with your mental health and spiritually grow into a better version of yourself. This crystal is often used for protection when times are changing. If you are ready for change these stones will help guide you in the right direction for transformation.


Such transformation would be to heal emotional wounds, this orange selenite can turn negative energy into love, forgiveness, and acceptance. If someone is feeling down or anxious this crystal can help boost their self-esteem and boost their self-awareness. These crystals can also boost your willpower, this could be very useful for someone that is trying to quit smoking.


Orange peach selenite crystal health benefits


A peach-orange selenite has a very high frequency, it can be very useful for releasing trapped energy. Its high frequency can be directed to a person's body stimulating spiritual, emotional, and physical. If you are in the presence of a negative person in your life, their bad energy can rub off onto you or still linger in the room, this crystal can deflect negative energy that might have been thrown your way.


If you need to connect to the spirit world, this crystal will guide your inner self to the spirit world. If you are working in front of a computer all day and find it hard to concentrate this peach selenite crystal can help be more concentrated and enhance consciousness.


If you live in the city it might be hard to be with nature, this Peach selenite can help you be more connected to nature and make you feel more grounded. These crystals bring positive energy into your life that will make you feel happier with yourself and others around you.


If you have gone through a breakup and going through some difficult times, such as heartache, anxiety, or depression a peach selenite crystal can help guide you through difficult times. It is almost like a shining beacon that will feed you positive energy when you most need it.


How to charge your peach Orange selenite?


Charging your orange selenite is similar to the white selenite, you simply place it in the sun for a few hours to be fully charged. We would recommend leaving your crystal by the windowsill as the rain can cause your beautiful selenite to dissolve away.


If you live in a shaded area and might not have access to constant sunlight no need to worry you can fully charge your crystal in a bowl of salt or brown rice. You simply place your crystal with salt or brown rice and simply let it sit for 24 hours to be fully charged, if you are using a larger crystal it may take longer.


If you burn dried sage you can pass the crystal through the smoke and this will also charge the peach crystal for you. You simply gather or purchase a bundle of sage. Make sure you have dried it if you have collected it from the garden and made it into a smudge stick. Burn the bundle of sage and make sure you blow on it to help it ignite. Wave the sage around and slowly pass your Orange peach selenite through the smoke. You can charge your stone within 30mins of doing this method.