Tumbled orange selenite stone

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This listing is for 1 orange tumbled selenite stone, these crystals are made from small chunks of selenite placed in a tumbler. All the sharp edges are rounded off into these beautiful rounded selenite stones. The surface has been polished to give it a natural soft glow. Each piece is one of a kind and might not look exactly the same as the one in the photo. When natural light hits this orange selenite tumbled stone it has a beautiful glow to it. Most of the selenite has a white cloudy colour to the crystal, the orange colour comes from the iron mineral that got trapped within when the crystal was formed. Selenite is made from the continuous evaporation of saltwater millions of years ago. Many people will carry these tumbled orange selenite stones in their bag or in their pocket as a lucky charm. 

This orange selenite tumbled stone can offer protection from negative energy. You can place this crystal by your bedside or under your pillow. It is believed that the crystal has a high vibration which can create a protective barrier around your aurora. Selenite brings peace and calmness into any environment. Using a white colour selenite helps connects to the crown chakra. While the orange selenite helps connect to the sacral chakra.

Extra care is required when handling this orange selenite tumbled stone. Selenite does not react well to water as the crystal is soluble. It is also made of very soft material, it is so soft you can scratch it with your fingernail.


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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 5cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite



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