Selenite Necklace pendant everything you need to know


Selenite has been used to make necklaces since Egyptian times, it is believed that the power from the crystal will provide protection from evil spirits. It gives a protective shield around your aura, the crystal by itself looks stunning when the light hits the crystal it will glow up almost like a lamp.  


Our selenite necklaces pendant is made from Small selenite wands, which is the most natural form of the crystal. We do believe a more naturalistic look is better than a polished crystal. If you know someone that collects crystal healing stones a selenite necklace would make the perfect gift, as it is known to be the most powerful healing stone out of them all.


The crystal does not react well to water, a little water will not do much harm.  If you are doing high activity sports it might be a good idea to remove the necklace before engaging in any activity.


Health benefits of using a selenite necklace pendant


There are many health benefits of using a selenite necklace pendant. It gives a sense of protection and peace while wearing it, selenite is known to help get rid of trapped energy, if you are struggling with anxiety or depression having this beautiful crystal around your neck can make you feel happier.


A selenite necklace pendant has a very high-frequency vibration, this vibration can boost your immune system and help heal you on a cellular level. Who would not want to have this powerful stone around their neck?


If you have been in the presence of negative people, sometimes their negative energy can latch on to others and linger. Having this selenite necklace pendant can help cleanse and clean the bad energy that has been left behind.


If you struggle with nightmares or getting to sleep, having this necklace around your neck can protect you from unwanted spirits while you are sleeping. A selenite necklace pendant brings protection peace and calmness around you, this will help you sleep better at night time and improve your quality of life.


The crystal can help boost the blood flow around your body as the crystal's high vibration can help open your glands.


If you are going through a breakup and a heartbreak, having this selenite necklace around your neck can reduce symptoms of PTS. It will also give you a better outlook on life.


Selenite necklaces care


It is important not to clean your selenite in water as too much water can cause damage to the crystal and can dissolve with too much exposure to water. The crystal is also very soft and can be easily damaged, be sure to keep it in a box while not in use. Be sure not to use it in high activity sports as sweat over time can cause damage to the crystal.


How are they made


Each of our selenite necklace pendants is one of a kind, the crystal itself is how the crystal was naturally formed millions of years ago. The selenite is made from evaporating salt to create this beautiful gypsum crystal. The crystal itself is very soft, so soft that it can be scratched with a fingernail. The crystals are mined deep underground where they have been created into a pillar formation, these pillars are extracted from the ground and cut into small pieces to create this beautiful jewelry. Each of our selenite necklaces is carefully hand-crafted into these beautiful pendants. These crystals can be found all over the world as it is a common crystal, most of them are mined in South America and in Morocco.


How to charge your selenite Necklace pendant


Once you have received your necklace through the post you will need to charge your necklace, it has traveled far to reach you, and has been underground for millions of years. You can simply charge the selenite necklace pendant with the sun, just leave it by a sunny windowsill for 24 hours to start reaping its health benefits.


With the Uk weather we might not get enough sun for months during the winter period, you can charge your necklace in a bowl of salt or brown rice would recommend again waiting 24 hours for it to be fully charged.


The simplest way to charge your necklace would be to leave it exposed to sunlight while the necklace is being worn, it is a good way to show off your beautiful crystal necklace and get it fully charged from the sun.