Moon selenite chakra necklace

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This moon selenite chakra necklace is made of pure selenite, it has been carefully crafted into the shape of the moon. This is very symbolic as the crystal itself was named after the goddess of the moon Selene. Each healing crystal on the pendant represents a different chakra. Each of these moon selenite chakra necklaces is handmade and is slightly unique to each other. A metal hoop has been attached to the top of the crystal to hold a chain, so it can be worn around the neck.

This crystal is often used for protection as people believe it can stop negative energy from coming into our lives. The crystal has been often used during cleansing as it helps clear and absorb any negative energy from within the body or outside. This chakra moon selenite necklace pendant would make a stunning gift for anyone who practices meditation.

This crystal is often used for good luck and some people even believe that the crystal can help clear the air that surrounds them. Wearing this crystal is also believed to help boost confidence and self-esteem.

The presence of selenite can bring a calming feel into any environment, people will often place the crystal all over their home for cleansing and clearing negative energy. The crystal is translucent with no colour and was once used to make glass. The crystal does not react well with water and it is a soft crystal.

It is important to note that healing practices through healing crystals is an old tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt.


We make sure that all of our selenite necklaces are well-packed to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination. We aim to post your parcel within one working day. The courier takes 3 working days to deliver.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite

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