Raw pink selenite

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  • Meditation Masterpiece:

    • The raw Pink Selenite is a perfect crystal for meditation, connecting harmoniously with the crown, sacral, and third eye chakras.
  • Chakra Connection:

    • Seek your creative and sexual energy through the sacral chakra, while the crown chakra offers a gateway to connect with other realms and guardian angels.
  • Handle with Care:

    • Due to its soft nature, extra care is crucial while handling the crystal. Our meticulous packaging ensures safe delivery.
  • Unique Piece:

    • This listing is for 1 raw Pink Selenite, each piece being unique and may not precisely resemble the one in the photo.
  • Crystal Collector's Essential:

    • A must-have for any crystal collector, as it not only adds to your collection but also cleanses and charges other healing stones.
  • Cleansing Rituals:

    • Upon receiving the crystal, it's essential to cleanse and charge it to rid any negative energy picked up along the way. Natural sunlight, moonlight, and smudge stick smoke are effective methods.
  • Caution with Water Exposure:

    • Avoid prolonged exposure to water, as it can cause the crystal to dissolve.
  • Perfect Gift:

    • An ideal gift for crystal enthusiasts or meditation practitioners, this raw Pink Selenite adds a touch of tranquility and positive energy.

Elevate your crystal collection and meditation experience with the unique properties of the raw Pink Selenite, a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone on a spiritual journey.


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 Colour  Pink
Dimensions Roughly 6cm
Material Pure selenite

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