Raw pink selenite

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This raw pink selenite is the perfect crystal for meditating. It is often used to connect to the crown chakra and the sacral chakra, it can also be used to connect to the third eye chakra. Many of us who wish to connect to the sacral chakra are seeking our creative energy and our sexual energy. Connecting to the crown chakra allows us to connect to the other realms and connect with our guardian angels. Extra care is required while handling the crystal as it is very soft and can easily break. We put that extra effort into our packaging to make sure that the crustal arrives safely at its destination.

This listing is for 1 raw pink selenite, each piece is unique and might not look exactly the same as in the photo. This crystal is a must-have for any crystal collector as it helps cleanse and charge other healing stones. When receiving the crystal in the post it is always important to cleanse and charge the crystal as it can easily pick up negative energy along the way. You can cleanse and charge your raw pink selenite with natural sunlight, as well as under direct moonlight. You can also charge your crystal by burning a smudge stick and passing the crystal through the smoke. Make sure that the crystal is not exposed for a long duration to water as it can cause the crystal to dissolve.

This raw pink selenite would make the perfect gift for anyone who collects crystals or practices meditation.


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 Colour  Pink
Dimensions Roughly 6cm
Material Pure selenite

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