Orange heart shaped selenite

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Immerse yourself in the radiant energy of our meticulously handcrafted orange selenite heart shapes, a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those dedicated to yoga and meditation. Originating from the ancient landscapes of Morocco, each heart is a unique testament to the artistry of nature, polished to perfection to showcase its exquisite glossy glow.

Unlike the typical cloudy white hue of most selenite, the captivating orange color of these hearts is a testament to the presence of iron during the crystal's formation millions of years ago. Selenite, born from the gradual evaporation of saltwater, transforms into this delicate gypsum crystal that requires gentle handling. Place it in a secure space, away from water, as the crystal is soluble, ensuring a lasting and cherished gift.

These orange selenite hearts are believed to have a profound impact on well-being and sexuality, connecting with the sacral chakra. With its high vibration, this crystal is thought to ward off negative energy, making it an ideal bedside companion for protection against negativity. For those grappling with anxiety, the soothing properties of selenite bring peace and calmness to any environment.

Perfect for crystal healers, these orange selenite heart shapes serve as powerful tools for energy cleansing. Arrange your healing stones in a circle around the heart, as crystal healers believe selenite cleanses and charges other crystals, creating a harmonious and revitalizing energy flow.

Celebrate the beauty of love, well-being, and positive energy with our handmade orange selenite heart shapes – a truly exceptional and meaningful gift for yourself or a cherished loved one on their journey to spiritual and emotional balance.


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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 5cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite

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