Orange heart shaped selenite

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This orange selenite heart shape would make the perfect gift for a loved one who practices yoga or meditation. Each one is handmade in Morocco, the surface has been polished to give it a beautiful glossy glow. Most selenite comes in cloudy white colour, this orange colour came from the presence of iron when the crystal was formed millions of years ago. Selenite is made from the continuous evaporation of saltwater until this soft gypsum crystal is formed. The crystal is very fragile and extra care is required when handling this crystal be sure to place it somewhere safe and secure. You will need to keep it away from water as the crystal is soluble.

It is believed that the presence of an orange heart-shaped selenite can help with sex drive and well-being. The orange selenite helps connect to the sacral chakra. People also believed that this crystal has a high vibration which can deflect negative energy. People will have this orange heart-shaped crystal next to their bedside as the crystal offers protection from negative energy. People also struggling with anxiety might benefit from having these orange heart selenite as selenite brings peace and calmness into any environment.

These orange selenite heart shapes would be the perfect crystal for a crystal healer. Selenite is often used to get rid of trapped energy. Crystal healers will place their healing stones in a circle around the orange heart selenite as they believe that selenite cleanses and charges their other healing stones.


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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 5cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite



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