Orange selenite egg

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This unique Orange Selenite Egg is a handmade masterpiece, meticulously polished for a sleek and glossy surface. Please note that it does not include a stand, and handling requires extra caution due to its soft composition. Originating from crystallized salt formed millions of years ago, this crystal holds a Mohs hardness of 2.5, making it susceptible to scratching.

Our commitment to careful packaging ensures that this precious crystal reaches its destination without any damage, making it an ideal gift for collectors of healing crystals. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this egg-shaped Orange Selenite possesses the remarkable ability to charge and cleanse other healing stones. Crystal healers strategically place their crystals around this egg, utilizing its high vibration to cleanse and absorb negative energy.

Believed to aid in unblocking chakras, this crystal holds potential benefits during meditation, facilitating a connection to the crown, third eye, and sacral chakras. Reflecting historical significance, ancient Greeks and Egyptians adorned their homes with these crystals, attributing them the power to ward off spirits. The versatile nature of this crystal is further evident in the exquisite jewelry and sculptures crafted from its luminous form. Discover the captivating allure and metaphysical potential of this Orange Selenite Egg.


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 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 7 cm
Material Pure selenite

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