Orange selenite sphere with stand

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This orange selenite sphere looks stunning each one is handmade, and the size of the crystal is roughly 40mm in height, however size may vary slightly. The sphere comes with a stand to hold it securely in place. Extra care is required while handling the crystal as it could easily break or get damaged. The crystal is very soft, it is made from crystalized salt. It is a process that takes millions of years, from the continuous evaporation of saline water. The colour of the crystal is usually white, the presence of iron can change the crystal from white to orange or peach. As we know the crystal is fragile, we put extra effort into our packaging to make sure it arrives safely at its destination.

Many crystal healers will have their orange selenite sphere in the centre of their collection as selenite has the ability to charge and cleanse other healing stones. Overusing selenite can cause the crystal to lose its powers. You can cleanse and charge your crystal by simply leaving the crystal in natural sunlight for a few hours, the crystal can also get cleansed and charged under natural moonlight. Burning a smudge stick and passing the crystal through the smoke can also purify the crystal.

Not only does this orange selenite sphere serve as a beautiful healing crystal, but it would also make a stunning ornamental feature in any home.



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 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 4cm
Material Pure selenite

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