Orange hexagon selenite bowl

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This orange hexagon selenite bowl looks beautiful, it is flawless. Each one is handmade out of the best quality orange selenite crystals. The colour is orange, peach, and translucence in colour. This listing is for one orange selenite bowl. Selenite is a soft crystal and extra care is required while handling, the hardness of the crystal is 2.5 Mohs which means it can easily break or scratch. We post all of our selenite crystals well-packed to make sure that is arrive safely at their destination. Selenite most often is white or translucence in colour however this crystal is orange in colour because it was formed close to iron stone.

This orange hexagon selenite bowl is the perfect bowl for a crystal healer to display their healing crystals. Overusing healing stones can cause the crystals to lose it powers or negative energy to get trapped within. Selenite can help cleanse and charge your crystals. Simply leaving the crystal in the bowl will cleanse and charge all of your stones. Overusing selenite can also cause it powers and energy to get trapped within, you can cleanse and charge your crystal by simply leaving it out in the sun.

Not only is it the perfect bowl for removing negative energy it would also make a wonderful ornamental feature in any home. People will often place these crystals in their bedroom as it is believed that the crystal offers protection.



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 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 11 cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite


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