Raw orange selenite

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This Raw Orange selenite chunk looks pretty impressive, this is how the crystal looks when it is extracted from the ground. The weight of each piece is roughly around 120g, this might not be the exact weight it is just a rough estimation. Each piece is one of a kind and might not look exactly the same as the one in the photo. When these crystals are exposed to natural sunlight they will have a beautiful orange glow. These raw orange selenite chunks help connect to the sacral chakra while the white helps connect to the crown chakra. The sacral chakra help promotes well-being and passion. Just having these raw orange selenite chunks would make a beautiful ornamental feature in any home. Normal selenite has a white cloudy look to it, this has a beautiful orange colour, the orange colour comes from trapped iron minerals when the crystal was formed millions of years ago.

Meditators will often use this orange selenite chunk to help connect to their sacral chakra. These crystals are also used to release trapped energy, crystal healers will often use selenite to cleanse and charge their other healing stones. Simply place your crystal healing stones in a circle around the selenite, you should wait roughly 24 hours for it to be cleansed. Sometimes negative energy can get trapped within the selenite you can cleanse your crystal by leaving it in sunlight or moonlight. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one this would be a good unique choice that any crystal healer or meditator.


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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 10cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite



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