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These peach selenite spheres look like magical crystal healing spheres. The surface has been polished to give it a nice gloss finish. This listing is for two polished selenite spheres. Sizes might vary slightly as each one is handmade in Morocco. When natural light travels through these spheres they will have a beautiful natural glow to them, that will bring peace and calmness to any environment. The use of selenite goes all the way back to ancient greeks who made jewelry and ornamental features out of the crystal. They believed that the crystal had magical powers they even named the crystal after their goddess of moon selene. They believed that the crystal offers protection from negative energy, it could also be used to release trapped energy, which could be within a person, a home, or an object. 

Crystal healers will often use these peach selenite spheres with the combination of other healing crystals, or to cleanse and charge other healing stones. Overusing selenite can cause energy to get trapped within the crystal,  you can cleanse and charge your selenite under natural light or moonlight. This polished orange selenite sphere is used to connect to the sacral chakra.

Not even this selenite would make the perfect healing crystal they would make a wonderful ornamental feature in any home. These polished spheres would make the perfect gift for a meditator or a crystal healer.


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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 5cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite



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