Selenite meditation palm stone

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  • Essential for Crystal Collectors: Elevate your crystal collection with the Selenite Meditation Palm Stone, a must-have for enthusiasts who value the cleansing and charging properties of healing crystals.

  • Handcrafted Elegance: Each meditation palm stone is meticulously handmade, boasting a smooth and polished surface that exudes a beautiful glossy finish. The rounded edges enhance the comfort, ensuring a delightful tactile experience.

  • Ideal for Meditation: Designed with meditation in mind, this white and transparent crystal is lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it perfect for extended meditation sessions. Its gentle weight contributes to a serene and immersive practice.

  • Versatile Crystal Pairing: Unlock the full potential of your crystal collection by combining the Selenite Meditation Palm Stone with other healing crystals. Its unique ability to enhance the powers of companion crystals facilitates connections to various chakras, fostering a holistic energy experience.

  • Negativity Absorption: The Selenite Meditation Palm Stone is a powerful tool for absorbing negative energy. Incorporating it into your pre-meditation routine helps cleanse the mind, remove negative thoughts, and promotes a deeper, more focused meditation.

  • Thoughtful Gift: Whether for a crystal collector, meditation enthusiast, or yoga practitioner, this Selenite Meditation Palm Stone makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Share the transformative energy and beauty of this crystal with someone special.

Immerse yourself in the world of crystal healing and meditation with the exquisite Selenite Meditation Palm Stone, designed to enhance your practice and elevate your spiritual journey.


  • Secure Packaging: Our commitment to the delicate nature of Selenite is reflected in our thorough packaging, ensuring each Selenite palm stone is well-protected for a safe journey.

  • Efficient Dispatch: Count on our prompt service, as we dispatch your order within 1 working day, expediting the shipping process and minimizing delays.

  • Reliable Courier Delivery: Our trusted courier partners specialize in safe and timely deliveries, typically reaching their destination within 3 working days.

Rest assured, our meticulous attention to packaging, swift dispatch, and reliable courier services aim to provide you with a hassle-free experience, ensuring your Selenite palm stone arrives securely and on time.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 6cm
Material Pure selenite

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