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Introducing our exquisite Small Selenite Sphere Ball – a stunning protection crystal renowned for infusing positive energy into homes. Believed to absorb negative energy due to its high vibration, this crystal plays a pivotal role in unblocking the body's 7 chakras and eliminating unpleasant experiences. Additionally, it's thought to contribute to the alignment of skeletal structures.

Key Features:

  • Protection and Positivity: This small selenite sphere ball serves as a protection crystal, bringing positive energy into homes by absorbing negative vibrations.

  • High Vibration Cleansing: The crystal's high vibration allows it to absorb negative energy, whether from within your body or your home, promoting a harmonious environment.

  • Chakra Unblocker: Utilize the selenite crystal to unblock the body's 7 chakras, alleviating potential energy blockages and fostering overall well-being.

Crystal Healing Significance:

  • Alignment Aid: Beyond energy cleansing, the selenite sphere ball is believed to assist in the alignment of skeletal structures, contributing to physical well-being.

  • Perfect Gift for Crystal Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who use healing crystals, this small selenite sphere ball makes for a thoughtful gift, as it can charge and cleanse other healing stones.

  • Crystal Collection Centerpiece: Place it at the heart of your crystal healing collection to allow the selenite sphere ball to charge and cleanse your other healing stones while facilitating energy flow between them.

Cleansing Ritual:

  • Sunlight Rejuvenation: To prevent the loss of its powers through overuse, cleanse and recharge your selenite crystal by placing it in sunlight.

Elevate your crystal healing experience with the Small Selenite Sphere Ball – a versatile and powerful crystal that not only protects and cleanses but also enhances the positive energy flow in your space.


  • Crystal Handling: Selenite's delicate nature is our priority; each parcel undergoes careful packaging to prevent any damage during transit.

  • Secure Parceling: Thorough packing measures ensure that the selenite crystal remains well-protected, maintaining its pristine condition throughout the delivery process.

  • Swift Delivery: Our trusted courier service ensures a prompt and efficient delivery within 3 working days, providing a timely shipping experience.

  • Efficient Processing: With our dedicated team, we require only one working day to prepare your parcel for shipping, ensuring a quick dispatch.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite

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