Small selenite sphere ball

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A small selenite sphere ball looks stunning, it is a protection crystal and is often used to bring good energy into our home. Many believe that the crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy, the theory goes that the crystal has a very high vibration. The high vibration from the crystal allows the crystal to absorb negative energy. This energy could exist within your body or from your home. There are 7 chakras within our body, sometimes these chakras can get blocked and cause some unpleasant experiences. Using the selenite crystal can help unblock the chakras and get rid of negative energy from within. It is also believed that the crystal can help with the alignment of skeletal structures.

This small selenite sphere ball would make the perfect gift for someone who uses healing crystals, as the crystal has the ability to charge and cleanse other healing stones. You can simply place your small selenite sphere ball in the centre of your crystal healing collection, the selenite sphere ball will charge and cleanse your other healing stones. The selenite crystal has the ability to let the flow of energy between different crystals. Selenite also can draw any trapped negative energy within the crystal. Overusing selenite can cause it to lose its powers you can cleanse and charge your selenite crystal by simply leaving the crystal in the sun.


Selenite is a fragile crystal to post, we make sure that each parcel is well packed to avoid the crystal from getting damaged. Courier takes up to 3 working days to deliver. We require one working day to get your parcel ready for shipping.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite


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