Selenite sphere with holder

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This beautiful selenite sphere is hand made and it comes with a holder to hold it in place. When the crystal is exposed to natural sunlight it has a beautiful soft gentle glow that will light up the room. The selenite sphere holder is made of wood perfectly for balancing the sphere. This crystal would be the centre of attention in any home it would make a stunning ornamental feature. The surface of the crystal has been perfectly polished to give it that beautiful glossy shine. Extra care is required while handling the crystal, it has only a hardness of 2.5 Mohs, which means it can easily get scratched. The crystal is made of crystalized salt from the continuous evaporation of saline water. The use of the crystal has gone back thousands of years. It is a very soft easy crystal to shape to make sculptures and jewellery out of the crystal

This listing is for 1 selenite sphere with a holder, the height of the crystal is roughly 50mm in height. We make sure that all of our packages are well packed to avoid any damage while getting delivered. This crystal is often referred to as a protection stone as some people believe it can help get rid of negative energy. People will often meditate with the crystal as it helps remove any negative thoughts that might exist within the mind. A clear relaxed mind can help with a deeper spiritual meditation. 


Selenite is a fragile crystal to post, we make sure that each parcel is well packed to avoid the crystal from getting damaged. Courier takes up to 3 working days to deliver. We require one working day to get your parcel ready for shipping.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite


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