Large Orange selenite

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Introducing the Large Orange Selenite Sphere – a masterpiece of handcrafted beauty that transcends the ordinary. This meticulously polished crystal, with its captivating orange glow, is not just an aesthetic marvel but also a powerful tool for energy cleansing and spiritual connection.

Crafted without compromise, each sphere is unique, bearing the artisan's touch and ensuring that no two are identical. The absence of a stand invites personalization, allowing you to choose a display that complements your space.

Hold this sphere, and you'll feel its comfortable weight and an otherworldly energy that sets it apart. The crystal's stunning appearance makes it an undeniable centerpiece, capturing attention and sparking conversation in any home.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Large Orange Selenite Sphere is a gateway to the sacral chakra. Meditate with it in hand, focusing on your breath and allowing the crystal's energy to flow. As you inhale, envision the energy entering through your nose, reaching your lungs, and radiating toward the sacral chakra. For those who find concentration challenging, feel the energy through your hands, directing it towards the targeted chakra.

Connecting with the sacral chakra through this crystal can be a transformative experience. Awaken your creative energy, tap into your passions, and explore the depths of your sexual energy. The Large Orange Selenite Sphere becomes an essential companion for crystal collectors and meditation enthusiasts alike.

As natural sunlight bathes the sphere, watch it come alive with an enchanting orange glow, creating an ambiance of serenity and tranquility. Elevate your meditation practice, cleanse your living space, and infuse your surroundings with positive energy using this extraordinary Large Orange Selenite Sphere. Embrace the unique and let this crystal be a beacon of light in your spiritual journey.


  • Fragile Elegance: Selenite is a delicate crystal, and we prioritize secure packaging to ensure your precious sphere arrives intact.

  • Expertly Packed: Our team takes special care in packaging each parcel meticulously, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

  • Swift Delivery: Enjoy the anticipation as our trusted courier service delivers your order within 3 working days.

  • Efficient Processing: We dedicate one working day to prepare your parcel, ensuring it is ready for shipping promptly.

Experience peace of mind with our commitment to protecting your Large Orange Selenite Sphere throughout its journey to your doorstep.

 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 5.5 cm
Material Pure selenite

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