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Unique Handcrafted Wonders: Each raw selenite wand is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, meticulously handmade for perfection.

Energy Release and Cleansing: These wands are favored for releasing trapped energy, whether within a person, an object, or a home.

Home Cleansing Ritual: To dispel negative energy from homes, individuals often place these raw selenite wands by their front door, creating a protective barrier.

Personal Energy Healing: Crystal healers use these wands to alleviate trapped energy within individuals, moving the wand from the crown chakra down the body.

Mythical Powers of Clarity and Protection: Ancient Greeks attributed mythical powers of clarity and protection to selenite. They adorned their homes with ornamental features crafted from this crystal, inspired by their belief in its potency. The crystal was even named after their moon goddess, Sele.

Natural and Unpolished: With a diameter of approximately 20cm, these raw selenite wands boast a rough and raw surface, preserving their natural state.

Handle with Care: Selenite is fragile, requiring extra care during handling. Exposure to water can cause damage, so ensure a safe and secure placement.

Sunlight Charging Ritual: Upon receiving your raw selenite wand, charge it under sunlight for a few hours to cleanse and revitalize it, especially if it has absorbed any negative energy during its journey.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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