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These pencil selenite wands are a bit smaller and thinner than our other range of selenite wands, they can easily be carried around in your pocket as a lucky charm. They are crafted from pure selenite. Selenite is made of very soft material and can be broken quite easily, extra caution is required when handling these fragile crystals. The crystal is made from continuous evaporation of saltwater until they are turned into a gypsum crystal. Even though that selenite is such a fragile material it is considered one of the most powerful healing stones. People believe that these crystals can remove negative energy that has been trapped within a person. Each one of our selenite wands is roughly 10cm in height but this may vary as each one is handcrafted. They are also polished to give them a more magical look.

Many people who practice yoga will use these pencil selenite wands during their yoga sessions. These wands help people be more focused and relaxed and help with flexibility.  Meditators will often use these wands during meditation as they help the meditator connect to the spirit realm. This selenite pencil is roughly 10cm in height, they are the same shape as a normal pencil. Each of these wands is handmade, and they are imported from Morocco. The surface is polished and they look magical under natural light.

It is required to cleanse your selenite from time to time if you may have overused the crystal. You can cleanse your crystal by leaving it out in the sun.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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