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The white rounded selenite wand is handmade to perfection, the length of the wand is roughly 15-20cm. The surface of the wand has been polished to give it a smooth surface appearance. The edges of these wands have been rounded off to make them look more like a wand, the color of this selenite wand is cloudy white. Many people believe that the presence of selenite offers protection, crystal healers will often use these wands to get rid of trapped energy, this could be within a person, their home, or from an object. It is believed that the selenite crystal has a high vibration which can create a protective barrier for deterring negative energy.

Ancient greeks used these wands in their homes to get rid of trapped negative energy they made ornaments out of the crystal. They believed in the powers of the selenite so much that they name the crystal after their goddess of moon sele. 

If you have had an argument in the house the negative energy can linger on for hours or even days, a selenite wand can be used to absorb the bad energy. Crystal healers will often use selenite to cleanse and charge their other healing crystals that have been overused.

If you decide to purchase this beautiful white rounded selenite wand, you will need to charge and cleanse the crystal under natural sunlight. When natural sunlight hits the crystal it will have a beautiful glow to it. 


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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