Carved selenite crystal wand

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These selenite wands are hand-carved with beautiful spirals running through them, they are perfectly polished and they look magical. As natural light hits the selenite it will have a natural glow to it. The length of this selenite wand is about 15 cm in height this may vary as each one is a hand-carved and one-of-a-kind piece. The selenite comes from morocco and is made by hand by the local people. The surface is polished to give it a smooth appearance. Many people use these wands in their homes to offer protection, ancient Greeks believed that the crystal offered protection from negative energy.

People will leave these crafted wands under their pillow during nighttime as it is believed they can help with sleeping. Selenite is often associated with peace and calmness and can offer you protection during the nighttime when you are at your most vulnerable. 

Many people who practice yoga and meditation will use these hand-carved selenite wands before their sessions as it helps them connect to their crown chakra. Connecting to the crown chakra helps people connect to the spirit world.

If there a negative person been in your home their negative energy can linger on for hours you can simply wave this wand and it will help get rid of the negative energy that was left behind.

The selenite itself was made from the continuous evaporation of salt millions of years ago that turned into this gypsum crystal. The material is so soft it actually is scratched with your fingernail. 


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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