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This massage wand is polished and rounded to make it the perfect massage wand. It is roughly 20cm in height however dimensions might vary slightly as each one is handmade. These selenite wands are perfect for massaging the body where an injury might have occurred. the surface of the wand has been smoothly polished and the edges rounded making it the perfect massaging tool.

Sometimes negative energy gets trapped within a person's body, this could feel like an injury that has been there for years. A crystal healer will use these selenite massage wands to help cleanse and trap the energy that is within a person. Extra care is required when handling this crystal, it is made of very soft material and is quite fragile, be sure to keep it somewhere safe and secure. It also doesn't react well to water, it dissolves away. If you decide to clean the wand you can do this with a dry cloth and some polish.

The use of selenite goes all the way back to ancient Greek times when they made all sorts of objects out of selenite. They believe that selenite has a very high vibration, it can get rid of negative energy from any environment. The Greeks believed that the crystal was so powerful it would create a protective barrier around the person's aurora. They named selenite after their goddess of moon sele, the crystal glows like the moon when exposed to natural sunlight.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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