Selenite wand with chakra stones

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This beautiful selenite wand comes with chakra stones, each of our wands is handmade and looks stunning. Each of the chakra stones has been carefully attached to the selenite crystal with a copper wire. The wand is made from a selenite stick with chakra stones attached to the crystal. As each one is handmade the crystals may vary slightly on the wand. This selenite wand with chakra stones would make a wonderful gift for someone who practices meditation or crystal healing. This listing is for 1 selenite wand with chakra stones, it will come in the post well-packed.

This is an important tool for someone who meditates as selenite can help absorb negative energy from the mind, and it will help relax the mind. The crystal can also enhance the powers of other healing crystals, combining selenite with other healing crystals during meditation can increase the likelihood of connecting to our chakras. Sometimes our chakras can get blocked and this can cause some unpleasant symptoms. Selenite has the ability to absorb any negative energy that might exist as well as unblock our chakras.

The crystal is referred to as a protection crystal as it has the ability to deflect negative energy. Some will place this selenite wand with chakra stones under their bed as they believe it helps cleanse negative energy from the bedroom and reduce the chance of getting nightmares. Many will carry the crystal around with them as it is believed it brings good luck.



We offer fast shipping on all orders, we make sure that each parcel is well-packed to avoid damage to the selenite crystal. We require 1 working day for dispatch and the courier usually takes 3 working days to deliver.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 9cm 
Material Pure selenite

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