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This orange selenite wand is orange in colour. The presence of iron stone during its formation changes the colour from white to orange. The orange selenite wand has a pointed top to absorb negative energy. The crystal is handmade and has been perfectly polished to give it a glossy shine finish, it is very comfortable to hold and not too heavy. Many crystal healers will use this orange selenite wand to absorb the negative energy that might exist within. Sometimes our chakras get blocked, an orange selenite wand is used to help unblock our chakras, the crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy. The crystal is often referred to as a protection crystal due to its ability to deflect negative energy.

Anyone who practices meditation can meditate with this crystal as it helps clear and cleanse the mind of any negative thoughts. The crystal can help us connect to three chakras, the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, and the sacral chakra. Many meditators will use the orange selenite wand with other healing crystals as selenite has the ability to enhance the powers of other healing stones. The crystal can also help the flow of energy between different crystals.

Extra care is required while handling the crystal as it is a very soft crystal and could easily break, be sure to keep the crystal somewhere safe and secure. Do not expose the crystal for a long duration to water as the crystal could dissolve away.



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 Colour  Peach, Orange
Dimensions Roughly 9cm 
Material Pure selenite

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