6-7 inch Massage selenite wand

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This 6-7 inch massage selenite wand boasts beautiful chakra symbols along its crystal, with rounded and smoothed edges for a perfect massage experience. The crystal's surface is exquisitely polished, offering a glossy finish. This listing is for a single 6-7 inch massage selenite wand.

Upon receiving your wand, it's recommended to cleanse and charge the crystal under natural sunlight to release any trapped negative energy. Leave the crystal in sunlight for a few hours, and repeat the process under natural moonlight if desired. Some may prefer using a smudge stick, passing the crystal through the smoke for cleansing.

This versatile wand is commonly used during meditation to aid in connecting to the crown chakra. Connecting to this chakra, often challenging, is facilitated by using selenite, and combining it with amethyst can enhance the connection. Individuals seeking a connection to their guardian angels may experience unique and personal revelations, from a deeper connection with nature to a better understanding of the universe.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 16cm 
Material Pure selenite

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