Peach selenite tumbled

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This listing is for one peach selenite tumbled, these crystal looks stunning almost like glass. Once exposed to natural sunlight they will have a beautiful soft orange glow. Extra care is required while handling the crystal as it is a soft crystal that could easily get damaged, we make sure we pack our crystal perfectly to avoid the crystal arriving damaged. We guarantee that we only sell the best quality selenite crystals. As each of these peach selenite are tumbled they might not look exactly the same as the ones in the photo. The edges have been perfectly rounded and the surface has been smoothened to give it a polished glossy finish. The crystal is very comfortable to hold making it the perfect crystal for meditating. Those who meditate with the crystal will use the crystal to cleanse their mind of negative thoughts. They will also use the crystal to connect to the sacral chakra which is responsible for our creative and sexual energy.

A peach selenite tumbled gets its colour from when it was formed, the crystal is often found white or transparent in colour. The presence of iron stone changes the colour of the crystal from white to peach. The crystal is made from the continuous evaporation of saline water, which is a process that takes millions of years.


We make sure that all of our packages are well packed to make sure that the crystal arrives undamaged. Courier takes roughly 3 working days to deliver, and we require 1 working day to dispatch.

 Colour  Peach, Orange
Dimensions Roughly 4cm
Material Pure selenite

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