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Introducing our exquisite Selenite Mountains, each a unique and one-of-a-kind piece, standing approximately 10cm tall. While they may vary from the photo, their white transparent color emits a stunning glow when bathed in natural sunlight. However, please note their delicate nature with a hardness of only 2.5 Mohs, making them susceptible to breakage or scratches. We recommend placing these captivating crystals in a secure and safe location to prevent any damage.

This listing is for one Selenite Mountain, a mesmerizing crystal formed over millions of years through the gradual evaporation of saltwater. The crystallization process, spanning millennia, leaves behind these fragile yet beautiful crystals, essentially crystallized salt. To ensure their safe journey to you, we take great care in packing each crystal meticulously.

Not just a captivating addition to your collection, these Selenite Mountains offer more than meets the eye. Perfect for enhancing a good night's sleep, many choose to place these crystals in their bedrooms. Believed to absorb negative energy and provide protective energy during sleep, they are thought to reduce the likelihood of nightmares. For those grappling with stress or anxiety affecting their sleep, meditating with these crystals before bedtime is believed to cleanse the mind, promoting a restful night.

Embrace the ethereal beauty and potential soothing properties of our Selenite Mountains, and invite a touch of tranquility into your space.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15 cm in height
Material Pure selenite

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