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This listing is for 2 selenite candle holders, each of these candles looks stunning the surface has been perfectly polished to give it a smooth surface. The glow from these candle holders will bring a relaxing feel to any home. These candle holders would make a perfect gift for a crystal healing collector as the crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy. Crystal healers will place their healing crystal around the selenite candle holder.

These selenite candle holders are perfect for meditating as it has the ability to cleanse the mind of negative thought by helping you to be more relaxed and focused. People that meditate with this crystal often seek to connect to the crown chakra, people that connect to the crown chakra will feel a deeper connection to the natural world.

Selenite is made from the crystallization of salt, it is a process that takes millions of years from the continuous evaporation of Saline water. Once all of the saline water has been evaporated these beautiful crystals are left behind. The crystals can be found in abundance all over the world and have been used for thousands of years to make jewellery and sculptures.

Even though this crystal is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals, it is also a very fragile crystal that can easily get scratched or damaged. Make sure that you keep your selenite candle holders somewhere safe and secure.



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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 7cm 
Material Pure selenite

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