Selenite crystal candle holder

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This listing is for one selenite crystal candle holder, they look stunning and have a beautiful soft gentle glow once exposed to natural sunlight. The crystal has an otherworldly feel to the crystal and was named after the goddess of the moon Selene, many believe that the crystal is a very powerful crystal that can absorb negative energy. Ancient Egyptians left the crystal by the front door as they believed that the crystal would stop spirits from entering their home. The crystal has also been used to make glass windows. This selenite crystal candle holder is a stress reliever it can help relax the mind body and soul. Anybody who struggles with anxiety or stress should get these selenite crystal candle holders.

This selenite crystal candle holder is made from crystalized salt, it is a formation that takes millions of years. These crystal can be massive one of the biggest crystals in the world, they can be found in abundance all over the world. The crystal has been crafted into jewellery and sculptures for thousands of years, as it is easy to shape and craft because of its soft surface.

If you are going to use your selenite candle holder to cleanse your home of negative energy, you should regularly cleanse and charge your crystal. This can be done under natural sunlight. Simply leave the crystal under the sun for a few hours, all the negative energy trapped within the selenite crystal will be removed.



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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm in height
Material Selenite

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