Selenite log candle holder

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Immerse your space in the enchanting glow of our Selenite Candle Log, meticulously shaped into the likeness of a log with an outer surface mimicking the texture of bark. Placing a candle or tea light within this holder transforms it into a source of beautiful, relaxing vibes for your home.

  • Premium Selenite Quality: We use only the highest quality selenite crystals for all our products, ensuring a superior and authentic experience. Each Selenite Candle Log is crafted with precision and care.

  • Secure Packaging: To guarantee the undamaged arrival of our products, we take extra care in ensuring that every Selenite Candle Log is well-packed for its journey to your doorstep.

  • Crystal Healing Collector's Essential: A must-have for any crystal healing collector, the Selenite Candle Log becomes the centerpiece of your collection, turning it into a magical shrine when placed in the middle. Beyond aesthetics, this crystal has the unique ability to cleanse and charge other crystals, creating a harmonious energy flow.

  • Magical Gift: Make a statement with your gift-giving by presenting this Selenite Candle Log Holder to a crystal collector. Its stunning appearance and versatile healing properties make it a thoughtful and unique present.

  • Enhancer of Crystal Powers: Selenite not only enhances the powers of other healing stones but serves as the perfect companion during meditation. Combine it with stones like amethyst for the crown chakra or tourmaline for the root chakra, unlocking new dimensions of spiritual connection.

  • Powerful Healing Crystal: Recognized as one of the most potent healing crystals, Selenite brings a profound sense of tranquility and energy alignment to any space.

Illuminate your surroundings and elevate your crystal healing practices with the timeless elegance of our Selenite Candle Log—an embodiment of crafted tranquility and energy enhancement.


  • Secure Packaging: Our commitment to quality extends to secure packaging, ensuring your parcel arrives safely and intact at its destination.

  • Swift Delivery: Benefit from a timely delivery experience, as our trusted courier typically takes just 3 working days to deliver your package.

  • Quick Dispatch: Your order is our priority, and we aim to dispatch it within a single working day, initiating a swift start to the delivery process.

  • Customer Satisfaction: If any issues arise during delivery, our dedicated customer support is here to assist promptly, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for you.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm in height
Material Selenite

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