Selenite cube candle

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This selenite candle holder has been shaped into a shape of a cube. This listing is for one selenite cube candle. Each one is handmade and might slightly look different from one and another. The candle holder has been made from pure selenite crystal, we only use the best crystal for all of our products. Having this crystal in your home can cleanse your home of negative energy, the crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy. The crystal is often referred to as a protection crystal and many believe that the crystal brings good luck. Some will constantly carry the crystal around them as some believe that the crystal creates a protective barrier around them.

This selenite cube candle holder has a hole that has been hollowed out to place a candle or a tea light holder inside. Once the candle it lit this crystal will have a magical glow that will bring a relaxing vibe into any environment. This cube selenite candle holder would make a wonderful gift for someone that collect healing crystals. Many people will lit up their candle and place their healing crystals around the selenite crystal, the light from the candle will glow up all of the other healing crystals. Over using healing stones can cause them to lose their powers or have negative energy get trapped within. Keeping your healing crystals close to selenite can help cleanse and charge your crystals.

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