Pack of 2 raw selenite candle holder

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This listing is for 2 raw selenite candle holders, they are the perfect size for a tea light. They have a soft gentle glow once lit up that will bring a relaxing feel into any home. These candle holders also have a soft gentle glow once exposed to natural sunlight. These raw selenite candles are perfect for cleansing your home of negative energy. It is believed that the crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy because the crystal has a high vibration that draws in negative energy. Ancient Egyptians used to place the crystal around their homes as they believed that crystal could cleanse their homes, they kept the crystal specifically by the front door as they believed that the crystal would stop bad energy from entering their homes.

These raw selenite are considered a protection crystal for their ability to deflect negative energy, many believe that having a crystal will promote good luck. Having these crystals in the bedroom can encourage a good night's sleep as the crystal can help remove negative thoughts from the mind, helping the mind to be more relaxed. Some will meditate with the crystal before bedtime while holding the crystal to remove any negative thoughts.

This raw selenite candle is the perfect candle for someone who practices meditation as it is a crystal that can help with connecting to your chakras. Selenite is often used to connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. 



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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm in height
Material Selenite

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