White heart selenite lamp

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This beautiful white heart selenite lamp is made by hand, each one is slightly different from the other and one of a kind. This lamp looks stunning when lit up as the light travels through the selenite crystal, the glow is very soft perfect for relaxing during night-time. These types of lamps are perfect on a mantlepiece or on your desk and will be the centre of attention in any home.

Extra caution is required with these lamps as selenite is very fragile and can be easily scratched. Be sure to keep it somewhere safe, the crystal is also very sensitive to water, so don't keep it where there is dampness in the house, if you decide to clean your lamp be sure to clean it with a dry cloth and a polish. This white heart selenite lamp would make a wonderful ornamental feature in any home.

This lamp has a USB connection and changes colour, the colour of the lamp changes automatically. This effect is very mesmerizing and will add a sense of calmness to any home. If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one this will be a good choice, especially for anyone that practices crystal healing.

This lamp can be used to charge and cleanse other healing crystals and you can place your crystals in a circle around the white heart selenite lamp. You should leave the healing crystal around for about 24 hours around the lamp. Selenite is often used to release trapped energy it can be used to release trapped energy from someone's home, from within a person, or from an object.



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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm in height
Material Wood and selenite
Wattage and light source 12 watts and USB connection LED colour changing

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