Angel selenite crystal lamp

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Selenite is known to protect you from negative energy it is named after the goddess of the moon named sele. This angel selenite lamp almost resembles the goddess herself, each one is hand-made in morocco. They sit on a wooden bade and they will provide a beautiful glow to any home. The glow is not too bright perfect for relaxing during nighttime. As the lamp is crafted from pure selenite which is known as one of the most powerful crystals in the world, It is often used to get rid of bad spirits in someone's home. Some people also believe that selenite can help with long-term injuries.

This lamp operates on a USB connection which can be plugged into any device in your home. The lamp will automatically change color, the lamp does not come with a remote. Having this angel selenite lamp in your home will make you feel more protected. The use of selenite to get rid of bad energy goes all the way back to Egyptian times when they use to make ornamental features in their home and made jewelry out of selenite.

As each of these angel selenite lamps is made by hand, each one will be a slightly different and one-of-a-kind lamp. Be sure to keep these lamps away from water as selenite is soluble. Even though that selenite is one of the most powerful crystals in the world it is very fragile be sure to keep it in a secure spot.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm in height
Material Selenite
Wattage and light source 12 watts and USB connection LED colour changing



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